Fort Worth Cigar Lounge

It takes a cigar person to create the kind of smoking lounge cigar people will like. Our owners first made their presence (and opinions) known to the cigar world on social media. We stock the kinds of cigars we would love to smoke, including some the rarest and most special boutique cigars you’ll find anywhere. That’s the adventure of cigar smoking, and we make sure every day is a new safari of choices for our Ft. Worth cigar lounge customers. You can see our humidor’s current range of products here.

As for the lounge itself, we’re constantly re-imagining and expanding it to accommodate the needs and preferences of the Ft. Worth boutique cigar crowd. We keep things simple and unpretentious here at our lounge, from our nicely-equipped humidor to our NSFW décor.

But it’s not about the space – it’s about the people you share that space with. Let’s face it, cigar lovers don’t have a lot of opportunities to share their experiences and opinions with the general public; it’s just not that easy to find other “cigar-aholics” out there. Underground Cigar Shop & Lounge attracts a friendly crowd of regulars from all trades, professions, and backgrounds, all ready to talk about their current favorite cigars. You can lose 6 hours in this place in what feels like a heartbeat. Hey, time flies when you’re having fun, right?

If you’re genuinely interested in cigars, visiting our Ft. Worth TX cigar lounge will feel like coming home. So come on over to 3129 Erie Street and have a look around. We think you’ll like what you see!

Underground Cigar Shop & Lounge
3129 Erie Street
Fort Worth, TX 76112