he Underground Cigar Shop was born from a love of boutique cigars and all things just outside the mainstream. A group of cigar smokers banded together in pursuit of a place to discover, share, and, of course, smoke unique and hard-to-find cigars. Fortunately, the cigar industry was just entering the boom of the “Boutique Cigar Revolution”.  A world of small batch, blended and produced by independent companies, was waiting to be discovered. 


The opportunity to source and share these finds sparked the collaboration between partners Don Wiggins and Mark Scott. Their vision was realized with the original location on East Lancaster in Fort Worth. With a 1920’s speakeasy feel and special-order wall humidors, the focus never departed from the goal: seeking out small-market cigars and giving each one a fair and honest evaluation based on taste and construction, not just hype.


Eventually, the need to grow and accommodate a larger following and exploding cache of cigars led the duo to purchase a stand-alone building just down the road. With accompanying land and parking, the new shop was ready to open its doors in 2015 with UG Fest, the Underground’s first successful multi-vendor event, complete with vendors from all across the country and yes, a wrestling ring.


Word of mouth communication about the Underground spread and brought even more boutique cigar aficionados together. They call themselves the Misfits of Cigars based on their reluctance to conform to the mainstream cigar industry. The Misfits of Cigars continue to attract like-minded smokers from across the nation as they cull through old and new brands, sharing what they love


The Underground is the spot for boutique cigars.  Owners and blenders seek out space in the humidors in an effort to get their wares into the hands of the members of the Underground.  It’s a proving ground for those hoping to break into the industry.  If you are looking for the best boutique cigars in the industry, look no further. If you are looking for the best in boutique cigars, look no further. We Define Boutique.