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Aganorsa CG JFR XT Maduro Toro Single


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1 review for Aganorsa CG JFR XT Maduro Toro Single

  1. Willie Dines

    The Arganosa JFR XT Maduro weighs in at a 6×54 Square Press and upon first appearance, it’s a well constructed cigar with plenty of filler, but has no draw issues from because it has not been rolled too tightly or been pressed too much, as can and does happen too often with a lot of cigars that are Box/Square Pressed.

    First inch has been a slow start as it’s been fairly mild with some earthiness and woody notes, with what I can only describe as sublte hints of coffee, but so far is proving to be a pleasant smoke.

    Into the 2nd inch and a half, the flavour profile has transitioned into the coffee being the more dominant flavour with a sweet, creamy finish.

    The next inch and a half has been a merry go round of the flavour profile switching between the flavours of the 1st part and then switching back to the flavours of the 2nd part, but with an added mild peppery finish, which is adding a little extra bite to the blend and is proving very enjoyable.

    Now destroying what’s left of this cigar in my tobacco pipe and the last 3 inches have been very smooth and mellow, very enjoyable cigar.

    I would definitely rate this cigar 5/5 and if you haven’t tried this blend yet, you definitely owe it to yourself to buy one and fire it up.

    Definitely a box worthy smoke and another home run by the legends of Argenosa at the UG.

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