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Kafie 1901 San Andres Toro Single


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  1. Willie Dines

    Kafie 1901 Maduro Toro is 5.75×54 is made with San Andreas maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan Binder and all Nica filler consisting of Esteli, Jalapa and Cndega.

    Costruction on these are solid with plenty of airflow for a steady drawJust fired up one of these choice smokes and so far it’s had a mild start to the 1st half inch, but already it has been wheeting my palate with some notes of a medium roast coffee with a slight hint of nuts.

    Well into the next inch and the blend has transitioned to a smoother and creamier profile with the coffee and nutty notes now being acompanied by a slightly dry sweetness.

    Into the 2nd half and the cigar has become a slow burner with a dark, oily and earthy profile with the coffee notes being more dominant with a slight nutiness.

    Down to the last inch and a half and it’s holding the same profile and has smoothened out a little more with some more creamy finish.

    Definitely a box worthy smoke and although I was drinking coca-cola whilst smoking it, I think it will pair up nicely with a good stout ale, coffee or some good bourbon that has a slightly peaty and sweet note to enhance the flavur profiles.

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